Captain Tom Moore


To support a permanent  tribute to be erected in his home village, Marston Moretaine.
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During self isolation and social distancing there are many idle hands but every Thursday these are put to good use applauding the NHS and emergency services working hard to protect everyone from the Corona virus.

APPLAUSE! has been created as a tribute to NHS staff and others, to celebrate their achievements and efforts but it can also apply to everyone in any country working on the frontline.

I felt that there was a need to commemorate and recognise their achievements and dedication and although we applaud every Thursday at 8 o'clock the applause hangs momentarily on the night air, then there is silence.

I created ‘Applause!’ to highlight the public appreciation of their commitment to our well being. It defines our national spirit.

I hope at some point it might be displayed in a hospital or somewhere significant so we remember what they sacrificed for us.

Ultimately when this is all over I may apply for a permit to erect a similar, larger monument on the fourth plynth in Trafalgar Square.

I am isolated and working from my Isle of Wight, UK home. I travel around with my charity and see inspiration everywhere and am already working on another CV19 piece based on Africa experiences.

I  can be found on Twitter, Face book, You Tube and Instagram 

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