The Dry Season Appeal

Walk for Water is the fund raising partner for The Roll Out The Barrel Trust reg: charity no 1147062 to support or donate (click)

These children, boys and girls, walk miles/kilometres in extreme temperatures to collect water every day, sometimes twice a day!

This young girl collects her unfiltered water in a bucket from the river before it dries up, then has to walk miles/kilometres to find wells and/or water sources when it does.

These Maasai women in southern Kenya used to carry water for miles/kilometres...
NOW they roll it in half the time and no effort....

When the rains stop, water becomes a real problem.  Imagine having to collect your water for your tea or coffee 5 or 6 miles from your home AND carrying it on your head or back

This Dry Season appeal asks your support. 
Every little helps, every drop does count.

Thank you.


We are going to build a factory and produce Rotary Aqua Barrels in Africa for quicker distribution and easier access.  Interested in Funding options? Then please click here 

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