The Dry Season Appeal

Walk for Water is the fund raising partner for The Roll Out The Barrel Trust reg: charity no 1147062 to support or donate (click)

These children, boys and girls, walk miles/kilometres in extreme temperatures to collect water every day, sometimes twice a day!

This young girl collects her unfiltered water in a bucket from the river before it dries up, then has to walk miles/kilometres to find wells and/or water sources when it does.

These Maasai women in southern Kenya used to carry water for miles/kilometres...
NOW they roll it in half the time and no effort....

When the rains stop, water becomes a real problem.  Imagine having to collect your water for your tea or coffee 5 or 6 miles from your home AND carrying it on your head or back

This Dry Season appeal asks your support. 
Every little helps, every drop does count.

Thank you.


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